The Great Dynamo Dig—Mining Your Revit Model with Computation (1 + 2)

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Revit Dynamo PowerBI Workflow

A workflow of extracting data from Revit using a Dynamo script and publish the result automatically to an Excel file which then link to your Power BI project. With a few clicks of a mouse button, your Power BI dashboard will provide you the up-to-date information.

Visualizing Design Performance

This collections of presentations and tutorials shall support the understanding of how we can use dashboards to measure key performance indicators while we develop architectural ideas from concept to detailed definition:

Replay of ArchSmarter’s “How to Create a Project Dashboard using Revit, Dynamo, and Excel” webinar.


Webinar – Working with Data: Revit Power BI


DynamoThoughts E004 Visualizing Building Data

This episode Bill Talks with Ryan Cameron about Visualizing Building Related Building Data. I first read his post on LinkedIn and we just had to have him on DynamoThoughts to talk about how he did it. We explore the steps to get started visualizing information from Revit in Microsoft Power BI. We hope this give you a great foundation to learn more about this subject in his LinkedIn post. Link to Ryan’s post…


Flux Labs – Revit Scheduler

Easily create, edit, view and share Revit model schedules. In a few clicks get the data out of Revit and set-up online schedules. Built schedules can then be shared, sent or even pushed in Google Sheets or Excel.


Flux Labs – Flux Dashboard

So, you have a bunch of data in Flux and your project is ticking along. People are updating Flux data keys with increasing fidelity and the building is slowly taking shape. This simple dashboard tool lets you view and monitor your Flux data in real-time, always updating whenever data changes.


Flux Labs – Quartz Workflow

Start assessing envrionmental and health impact of your building at any stage in the design. Use Flux to connect your models with the open source Quartz database. To replicate the workflow, visit our community page!…


Flux Labs – Revit and Excel Linked with Flux

Expand participation in the BIM process by moving data from Revit to Excel, and seamlessly merge updates from Excel back into your model. This workflow presents two blocks for the Flux Flow that make it very easy to export and import Revit data. /!\ The blocks presented in this video are custom! Please make sure to request them on the labs article (see email form) to be able to use them /!\


Tableau Public – Overview and Applications

This video gives an introduction and overview of Tableau Public, along with it’s benefits and applications. I then go through the process of creating a visualization from scratch to show you some of the basics of this tool.